Effect of Different Material on Marble Diamond Saw Blades Cutting

In the process of cutting stone with marble diamond saw blades, the saw blade with different hardness is used according to different properties of stone.
The cutting efficiency of marble saw blade is greatly affected in the process of cutting.
The size of diamond determines the number of particles per carat. The larger the particle size, the more particles per carat.

Because the number of diamonds in the cut area of marble Diamond blades has an effect on the life and power consumption of things, the key to ensure the functions of things is to select the appropriate number of diamonds.
Generally speaking, the use of fine-grained diamond in low concentration diamond saw blades can increase the number of diamond particles on the surface of incision, which is conducive to improving life and increasing power consumption.
The appearance or protrusion height of a diamond saw blade on the cutting surface of a sawing object.
It will affect the incision depth of each particle, that is, the material removal rate of incision.
The larger the diamond size, the faster the material shear rate will be. Generally, coarse particles are used to cut soft materials, while smaller particles are used to cut solid materials.
In addition to diamond size, the concentration of diamond also determines the number of grains on the surface of the cut East and west.
The higher the concentration of diamond, the more the number of grain on the surface of diamond saw blade, which is conducive to improving the life of diamond saw blade.

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