Gang Saw Segments

We have specialisation in manufacturing of Gang Saw Segment and we are the one of largest producers of Gang saw Segments in China.Diamond Gang Saws have now become the standard method of slabbing marble, limestones and some sandstones.


  1. The blade has good sharpness and high efficiency at the process of cutting , meanwhile ,it has a long life span.
  2. Good cutting result: smooth cutting ,flat surface and even size.
  3. It works in low noise, small cutting slot which ensures maximum use of stone and uniform thickness.



Saw length


Saw width


Steel Blank


Segment size


Segment number
3950 180 1.7/2.0/2.5/3.0 20*2.6/3.0*8




4100 180
4200 180
4350 180
4400 180

We manufacturer Gang saw Segments for following type of stones:
Segment for All kind of Rajnagar Marble like Dharmeta, Morwad
Segment for Sand Stone, Katni, Green, Jaisalmer, Pink, Shawer, Jodhpur, Makrana, Banswara, Aandhi, Ambaji etc
Imported Stones like Italian, Turkey and Egypt etc.
Gang saw Segment for Granite cutting.

Other specifications are available upon request


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