Ordered arrangement of diamond saw blades represent technological innovation of stone tools

In the experimental site, Engineers use two kinds of conventional granite saw blades, two kinds of conventional marble saw blades, and one ordered arrangement of granite saw blade and marble saw blade,The results show that under the same conditions (same matrix, same diamond grade and concentration), the cutting speed and service life of ordered diamond saw blades are more than 20% and 25% higher than those of conventional saw blades. Not only that, compared with the conventional saw blade with 5% higher diamond concentration, the cutting speed and life span of the ordered diamond saw blade can still be increased by more than 15% and 20% respectively, compared with the conventional saw blade with 5% higher diamond concentration. On the basis of saving diamond consumption and reducing the cost of diamond saw blade, diamond orderly arrangement saw blade greatly improves the cutting efficiency and service life of diamond saw blade. This fully shows the advantages of the ordered arrangement diamond saw blade.

The test data and the user feedback report after the small batch production put on the market show that the cutting life of the saw blade is the longest when the marble knife head with thickness 2.8mm arranges six layers of diamond single crystal horizontally, and the cutting stone effect reaches the unprecedented ideal condition. This is the goal pursued by high-end marble processors.

In the conventional diamond saw blade matrix, because the diamond particles are arranged out of order, some of the diamond particles with high cutting edge are subjected to a great load or impact, so that the particles can be easily broken in the initial stage; The remaining diamond particles on the same plane are bound to bear greater load, which will certainly increase the shedding speed of diamond and reduce the service life of diamond saw blade. On the saw blade with ordered arrangement of diamond particles, the height of diamond blade on the same plane is the same, and each diamond bears uniform load, which greatly reduces the breaking speed of diamond and improves the service life of diamond saw blade.

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