Introduction to the product of diamond wire

New composite diamond wire technology, It is a new manufacturing technology in PV industry,Compared with the traditional method for cutting the silicon carbide micro-powder cutting edge material, Diamond cutting wire greatly improves the production capacity of a single equipment;Surface cutting damage and ttv improvement of Silicon Wafer,The battery conversion efficiency is improved and the fragment rate is reduced;At the same time, polyethylene glycol cutting fluid is no longer used in resin diamond cutting wire,the discharge of COD in the production process is greatly reduced, reduce COD emissions by 60%,at the same time, the conversion efficiency of the solar cell is improved by 0.15-0.3%.

Diamond wire technology is more mature,Verified by the market,The advantages of the processed silicon wafer mainly include the following:

  1. The conversion efficiency is improved, the damage layer is thinned,Internal crack comparison is not easy to produce.
  2. Reduce cost of silicon material,Reduce cutting loss and cutting spacing.
  3. Although the cut silicon wafer is thin, but the strength is high, it can correspond to the future silicon wafer thinning.

Main uses

A:Photo-voltaic solar panel

In the manufacturing process of silicon chips for solar cells and semiconductors, The main slicing process of Chinese main crystal silicon wafer manufacturers is to use silicon carbide powder cutting edge material with a certain proportion of cutting fluid for slicing,This process technology accounts for the vast majority of the market share.

B: Hard magnetic material

The diamond wire has a series of unparalleled advantages,the material is saved, the benefit is good, the yield is large, the efficiency is high, the application field is wide, It also has a good prospect in the next generation IC cutting, engineering ceramics, high-tech glass manufacturing and other fields.


The company will take measures to increase the technology research and marketing of diamond wire products in the field of sapphire cutting,surplus products are mainly used in sapphire cutting and crystal silicon wafer enterprises in China,So as to reasonably digest the production capacity of the project.

D:ND-Fe-B cutting

The coming of 5G Network era and the coming of New Energy Automobile era the demand for Magnetic Materials is facing explosive growth.The market of diamond cutting wire for magnetic materials is huge.

Principle of diamond wire cutting

The high speed rotating and reciprocating winding tube drives the diamond wire to move back and forth. The diamond wire is tensioned by two tensioned wire wheels (spring or pneumatic).At the same time, two guide wheels are added to ensure the cutting accuracy and surface shape. The direction of the diamond wire console is continuously feed through the automatic control workbench,Or control the diamond wire console to keep moving in the direction of the worktable.Then the diamond wire is ground with the cut object to form a cutting. In the cutting process, due to the small diameter and elasticity of the diamond wire,The diamond cutting wire forms an angle between the cut object and the two guide wheels on the left and right, and the diamond wire is in the shape of a micro-arc. Therefore, the force applied to the cut object is combined with the relative motion between the diamond wire and the cut object, so that the cutting can be carried out continuously.