Reasons for Flatness of Granite Diamond Saw Blades

1. Saw blade idling: Especially when the new matrix is first used, it needs to idle for about 10-20 minutes. In summer, it needs to idle with water in high temperature season. Its purpose is to further eliminate the influence of welding blade on the matrix and enhance the memory of the internal quality of the saw blade under high speed rotation.

2. Cut scrap should not be less than 0.5m and be placed safely. The bottom should be padded with square wood and stuffed firmly. The scrap should be located in the symmetrical position of the worktable to ensure the stability of the worktable car and scrap, and there should be no shaking and shaking.

3. Adjust the travel switch according to the length, width and height of the scrap material, so that the diamond saw blades lifting and the traveling distance of the material truck can be within a reliable and effective range. Before sawing, the blade edge should leave the scrap material up to 10-20 mm. After sawing, the distance between the saw blade and the bottom of the waste material should be 20-40 mm. Before the sawing blade moves around the tool holder, all the sawing blades should be removed from the waste material sawing edge, and the distance should not be less than 150-200 mm, so as to prevent the sawing blade from hitting the waste material.

4. Saw blades can be cut after idling stabilization. Saw blades are not allowed to start when the blade is in contact with scrap material. Diamond Saw blades are not allowed to stop turning during cutting, and can stop turning only after withdrawing from the saw blade.

5. If the scrap is found to be swaying during cutting, the cutting should be stopped immediately. After the scrap is fixed firmly, it can continue to work. During cutting, no scrap is allowed to move arbitrarily.

6. When cutting, it is found that the Diamond saw blade has obvious deceleration or even clamping phenomenon, which may be caused by belt slipping, loosening of pressing nut or too deep cutting depth, too fast cutting speed and so on. It should be adjusted in time.

7. Linear speed should be adapted to the hardness and wear resistance of the processed stone. Because of the variety of granite, the corresponding hardness will be different. If the stone in a single sheet is soft, you should inform your saw blade supplier of the type of stone you cut, so that they can provide the corresponding wear-resistant saw blade. On the contrary, if it is hard granite. Rock needs sharp cutting blades. If you cut a wide variety of stone, you need to correspond to the versatility of the Diamond saw blade (hint: in the case of low online speed, increase the cutting efficiency, will reduce the life of the saw blade. )

8. The feed speed mainly depends on the performance of the processing material. For each material, when the cutting depth is fixed, there is a certain range of feed speed. If the speed is too high, it will accelerate the wear and tear of diamond and even fall off, resulting in the consumption of saw blade too fast. If the speed is too low, the self-sharpening process of Diamond blade will not proceed normally. “Grinding blunt, skidding” loss of cutting ability. Generally speaking, the feed speed should be slow when cutting in and even when sawing. For common typical materials, when the cutting depth is 20 mm, the following feed speed table is recommended for your reference. When the thickness changes, the cutting speed can be converted according to the cutting area (/min). It is suggested that the first feeding or the first three walks of each board should be halved. )

9. Cutting depth can be cut through once for medium hardness stone such as marble and limestone. For hard stone and abrasive stone such as granite and sandstone, it should be cut step by step. The cutting depth of single saw is generally 10-20 mm, the cutting depth of marble is 50-100 mm, and more than one double-sided cutting of hard granite. The depth of secondary cutter is 3-5mm, which should be determined by the hardness of stone, the performance of Diamond saw blade and saw machine.
10. The direction of rotation of saw blade is the same as the direction of feed of stone. Conversely, it is the reverse cutting. In the reverse cutting, there is an upward vertical component force, which makes the stone possible. Therefore, in order to stabilize the stone, the forward cutting should be adopted as far as possible under the same conditions. When reverse cutting is used, the cutting depth will be reduced to 1/3-1/2 of forward cutting.

In addition, the quality of Diamond granite saw blade itself and the effect of the final cut stone are also inseparable. Solin granite saw blade adheres to the principle of “selecting knives according to stone”. Various series of granite saw blades are introduced for different hardness of granite. According to the needs of customers, customers are welcome to consult.

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