Special Diamond Saw Blades For Green Concrete

Diamond saw Blades for Green Concrete are offered in 3 levels. Heavy Duty Series blades are for light and medium duty cutters. Premium Series and Pro Series blades are for heavy duty users. The blades in this category are heavier duty and more suited to cutting a narrow window of applications. Generally used by concrete contractors, demolition contractors, high volume paver contractors and commercial general contractors.

Diamond saw Blades for Green Concrete:

Fast Cutting Speed, Better Blade Life Premium
Item # Diameter Rim Thickness Arbor Rim Height
PGC70B 7″ .90 1″-7/8″ 10mm
PGC80B 8″ .95 1″-7/8″ 10mm
PGC10B 10″ .110″ 1″-7/8″ 10mm
PGC13B 13.5″ .12 1″ 10mm

Applications: Green Concrete

Features: Laser-Welded, Segment Height 10mm, Turbo Segmented, Gullets, Core Design, Blue, Dry/Wet Use


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